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French Ribbon Cockade and Flower Sachet

Arlene Baker will be teaching not one but two projects on Saturday June 23rd. 

French Ribbon Cockade

Various forms of the cockade appeared on military hats and civilian lapels during the latter half of the 18th century in France, where the French Revolution and its military culture permeated society. It remains today a military adornment in Europe, worn to signify remembrances and holidays. First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy popularized the cockade in the 1960s when she had a version of it made to match all her day suits. A true fashion icon, she celebrated her French heritage while embodying the best of American style in the postwar era.

Never truly out of fashion, this version looks gorgeous on hats, or as an adornment on a hair barette, a favorite jacket or dress lapel, particularly with an antique or rhinestone button or lovely jewel nestled in the center. It can also be used as a decorative home accessory on lampshades, drapery tiebacks, etc.

You can use grosgrain, taffeta, satin or even velvet ribbon for this project. Natural fibers hold the shape best. Color and pattern are totally at your discretion. 

Flower Sachet-

A fragrant feminine decorative accessory for the boudoir or for gift-giving to a special someone....Bride, Mother-of-the Bride, favorite teacher, friend or loved one. Simple hand stitching. Easy and quick to make.

Class Time: 1 session, 6 hrs with a lunch break

Maximum class size: 12 people

Supplies needed: ** Supply list will be sent via email after registration

Prerequisites: Threading a needle and basic hand stitching

Fee: $75