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Chanel Velvet Flower

"In the Style of Chanel" Velvet Flower Taught by Arlene Baker


Two layers of silk velvet are glued together and hand cut into shapely petals. The bottom petals are stitched to a crinoline foundation; the top petals are glued in place. An unusual flower center made with a snowflake bead covered in matching or contrasting velvet and accented with silk or cotton embroidery floss is surrounded by a profusion of glittered stamens. Purchased or hand-molded silk velvet  leaves on wire stems add the perfect finishing touch to this exquisite flower.

What else is there to say about a chic flower pin that would make even Coco proud?

Class Time: 1 session, 6 hrs

Maximum class size: 12 people

Supplies needed: ** Supply list will be sent 

Prerequisites: Threading a needle and basic hand stitching

Fee: $75