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Beginning Hat Blocking - Fur Felt (BHBFF) Part 2 of 2


You will be learning to “proof” (add sizing) and block a fur felt hood or capeline using a millinery steamer to create a one piece hat from our array of vintage and modern hat blocks. Included for use will be an assortment of brimless 1940’s hat blocks, simple cloches, boaters, cartwheels and flat brimmed fedoras. While your fur felt is drying, we will show you how to swirl a head size ribbon, insert a head size ribbon into a crown or brim head-size by machine and hand. How to determine if the hat will need wiring will also be included. We will add the crease and front dents for fedoras before you leave on the first day and also decide on if you need a fabric bias for the edge. We will have fabric to select from but you are welcome to bring something from home next class.

The second day is longer and you will remove your hat from its block, insert your provided sweat band, determine if your edge needs to be wired, decide on the finish for your hat’s edge. You will be shown several ways to finish this edge including a fabric bias, a hand rolled hem and finishing with a sweatband for brimless hats. You may want to bring ½ yard of fabric for edging if you have something special in mind for a bias edge. You will need enough fabric to cut a 3” wide bias strip long enough to go around your brim plus 1 ½”. Several ways to trim this hat will also be shown. You should have a hat all ready for your own trimming by the end of this two day class. Your excess from your bias strip fabric is often the way to start trimming this hat.

Class time: 2 sessions, 3 hours the first day and 6 hours the second day which includes a lunch break, for a total of 9 hours. It is suggested you either bring a sack lunch or visit one of the many wonderful restaurants within walking distance on the second day.

Maximum class size: 6 people

Supplies needed: Basic sewing kit with shears, pins, seam ripper, hand sewing needle, thimble, and measuring tape. All other materials provided for one fur felt hat.

Prerequisites: hand sewing and ability to operate a sewing machine if you wish to inset your sweatband and/or wire the edge by machine.

Fee: $200.00