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Millinery Trimmings I (MTI)

Once you have learned to block a straw or felt hat, the next thing to learn is how to create simple or striking trims with felt and straw remainders, sashing and bows in elegant fabrics and several methods of attaching flowers. Most work will be done by hand with some light use of the sewing machine.

Using off cuts from both fur felt, parasisol straw, sinamey and silk fabric (all provided) you will learn how to make multiple styles of leaves, loops, bows, spirals, pods and more. How to separate purchased millinery flowers, mix with other flowers, arrange into a pleasing “corsage” and attach to a hat will be demonstrated. A variety of ways fabrics can be used to sash or create bows and loops will be demonstrated and you will have opportunity to practice. We will not be blocking in this class but it is useful to have one or two untrimmed hats too experiment with the trims on. There will be untrimmed hats to experiment with or to purchase.

Class time: 1 session, 7 hours with a lunch break.  It is suggested you either bring a sack lunch or visit one of the many wonderful restaurants within walking distance.

Maximum class size: 12 people

Supplies needed:   Basic sewing kit with sewing shears, pins, seam ripper, hand sewing needle, thimble, small ruler (12-18”) and measuring tape. All other materials provided.

Prerequisites: Hand sewing experience        

Fee: $100.00