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18th Series- Petticoat and Bum Pad

We are excited and thrilled to teach this comprehensive 18th Century series. Inspired by the American Duchess Book by the incredibly knowledgeable Lauren Stowell and Abby Cox.

Our very own Mela Hoyt-Heydon will cover many of the techniques taught in the American Duchess book along with her own techniques developed from years as a Union Costume Designer and Historical Costume Creator. 

This series will cover traditional 18th century clothing beginning with undergarments including; shift, stays, petticoat, and bum pad. Finishing with an Italian style gown. 

You may take the classes separately or take the entire series. 

This class will cover making a Petticoat and Bum Pad. It will be taught on 1 Tuesday evening class.

A Petticoat or underskirt is an undergarment worn under a skirt, dress, or gown. Its precise meaning varies over centuries and between countries.

The Bum Pad goes over chemise, stays, anything else closest to the skin. It's a crescent shape with three partitions, and ties around the waist. It acts as a skirt support.

Class time: 1 session, 3 hours class        

Maximum class size: 8 people

Supplies needed: A supply list will be sent once you have registered. 

Prerequisites: Introduction to the Sewing Machine and Beginning Sewing or basic sewing skills     

Fee: $45 for 1 session