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Lush Hothouse Flower taught by Arlene Baker

A partial definition of the word “lush” in the dictionary is….characterized by richness, abundance, or extravagance, as in ornamentation. Wouldn’t you agree it’s a fitting description for this elegant velvet flower?

Luxurious silk and rayon velvet, sized and laminated to silk organza, is heated to form between the flower and leaf molds. The velvet flower petals are molded, cut, trimmed, wired and then layered to make the flower. Silk organza sized with stiffener is molded to form light and airy petals. Glued one by one to the velvet petals, they add softness to the design. The leaves are molded, trimmed and stemmed with wire. Vintage-style embellishments similar to those found on vintage millinery flowers of the 1930s include a cluster of delicate stamens in the center of the flower, a hand-cut cotton calyx to finish the underside and stems wrapped with paper.

Class Time: 1 session, 7 hours with a lunch break. It is suggested you either bring a sack lunch or visit one of the many wonderful restaurants within walking distance.

Maximum class size: 12 people

Supplies needed: ** Supply list will be sent via email after registration

Prerequisites: Threading a needle and basic hand stitching

Fee: $75